I started painting during a difficult period in my life
and found that it could take me to a beautiful and
magical place.

As Albert Einstein remarked, "Imagination is
more important than knowledge."

Vibrant color, light, richly varied textures, patterns and
the beauty of nature inspire me. When I am painting, I am on an
adventurous journey and the finished product is a translation
of my inner vision into a unique creation.

I hope you enjoy my art!

Prints and Notecards are available on request.


15 years painting experience

Art courses at Columbus College of Art and Design

BS Elementary Education from The Ohio State University

Member of Central Ohio Watercolor Society, TWAG Ohio, Westerville Art League, Worthington Area Art League

Studied under local, national, and International artists including
Bess Alexander, Stephen Quiller, Don Andrews and Sterling Edwards.